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Your vision is an evolving, organic, ever-changing part of your life. From varying vision needs in childhood to managing eye diseases later in life, every single person needs and deserves individualized care to fit their unique eyes.

We’re here to help you find answers to questions like how your eyes work, symptoms of vision problems, and what we can do to help you. Visit us at Eye Q Optometry to discover what educated eye care is all about.

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Overcoming Vision Challenges

Like any other skill, we need to practice our vision to improve it. You may think you practice every day by looking at the world around you. But vision therapy goes a step further, giving you tools to improve your vision mindfully and intentionally.

Vision therapy aims to enhance your eyes’ ability to work together and function in partnership with your brain. Our goal is to elevate your quality of life and overcome the challenges associated with vision issues.

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Our practice is located in the Killarney area of 17th Avenue, within walking distance of the Westbrook LRT station. There’s plenty of parking available nearby.

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